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Searcherz Searches for a New Date


Today Possum Lodge Studios announced that Searcherz, the upcoming film from Mbroderick, will be moving back two weeks to June 30th.

When asked why, studio head Lucian’s answer was simple. “Greed. We think we can make more money on the 4th of July weekend.”

Elle Fanning (pictured, center), Ilana Glazer and Josh Fadem (pictured, right) take the lead roles in the film. Casting is still underway for smaller parts.

As the calendar shows the plot is easy to explain: Three friends receive an empty cardboard box delivered to their doorstep and embark on a quest to find the missing contents of the box.

With this move PLS prevents a two film weekend, another reason to expect boffo box office. Lucian is rumored to be looking through his collection of items, awards and prowling his space station looking for bonuses to use. Will it take the film into the 2107 Top 5 films? The studio sure hopes so.

Last Updated on May 31, 2017 at 2:39 pm
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