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Soundtrack: Bye Bye, Beautiful

Coming to a retailer near you is the official soundtrack for the new 21st Century Cat Pictures release, Bye Bye, Beautiful. When it comes to contemplative voice overs by private eyes in smoke-filled offices, usually rambling about dames and the trouble they’re always causing, nothing is a better accompaniment than jazz. The selection on the soundtrack boasts a mix of an instrumental jazz pioneer like Miles Davis, incredible singers like Melody Gardot, and some contemporary artists like Somewhere Off Jazz Street who provide a more cynical, sleazy jazz fitting for some of the more unsavory elements private eye Alan Cooper will deal with on the job. If you’re too cheap to buy the songs but still want to hear them, just go see the movie in the theater which comes out February 10th! It’s two birds with one stone!

Soundtrack Bye Bye Beautiful


1. “Maybe Tomorrow” by Somewhere Off Jazz Street
2. “Your Heart Is As Black As Night” by Melody Gardot
3. “So What” by Miles Davis
4. “Rest Your Head” by Somewhere Off Jazz Street
5. “Transparent City” by Hypnobooster
6. “Your Heart Is As Black As Night” by Beth Hart (with Joe Bonamassa)

Bye, Bye Beautiful hits theaters worldwide today from 21 Century Cat Pictures!

Last Updated on Feb 10, 2017 at 5:01 pm
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