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21CC Is On The Case

Being a private investigator can be a rough gig. Sometimes there’s a drought of work and you’re left waiting for the next case. Other times they’re forced upon you by a slimy congressman played by Paul Giamatti who won’t take no for an answer. Alan Cooper of Shield Investigations comes to learn this hard truth in Bye Bye, Beautiful, the latest flick from 21st Century Cat Pictures and producer Teufel.

David Boreanaz stars as Cooper who is tasked with looking into the politician’s former mistress played by Charlize Theron. It might sound like an enviable job that’s easy on the eyes, but Cooper must determine whether she’s the pure evil blackmailer he’s been told or a damsel in distress. The P.I. can’t quite shake the feeling that while he may not know what’s going on yet, nobody has his best interest at heart.

Rounding out the cast is James Spader as a shady police detective breathing down Cooper’s neck and Michael Imperioli as a gangster with ties to the congressman. When asked about a role that stretches his acting range so much, Imperioli simply shrugged and said, “It’s a living.”

The James Mangold helmed Bye Bye, Beautiful hits your local cinema on February 10th. Check out this exclusive poster that the Hollywood Times was able to obtain:

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