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Recent Movies in HTG Theaters!

The past two weeks have seen three new movies in HTG Theaters. Learn more about them…

The Gunfighter
The first new movie from The Dark Horse Films since 2013’s The Slave. Directed by Clint Eastwood, the western stars Daniel Day-Lewis, Christian Bale, Edward Norton, and Jude Law. The movie has had quite an impressive advertising campaign on the forum. The film was released by mega studio Miracle Pictures.

Camp Lleh
The second release by the Hollywood Film Fund in recent months, Camp Lleh is a horror comedy by new producer Joseph Akers and director Drew Goddard. The movie stars Lea Michele, Johnny Depp, Jodie Foster, Clint Eastwood, Logan Lerman, Jayden Smith, Emma Roberts, and Dylan O’Brien.

Wrestling Spirit
Director Karyn Kusama teams up with experienced/award winning HTG  Producer Lucian on a documentary that follows former gymnast Lucy Loo as she begins her professional wrestling career. The short movie is narrated by former wrester CM Punk.

These are HTG Theater’s latest movie releases, but there are currently more than 20 movies in HTG Theaters. Watch one tonight!

Last Updated on Feb 28, 2016 at 8:27 pm
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