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The 5 Ws and How: The Butcher Cuts Loose


Screenwriters: Christopher James Doran and Patrick John Doran
Director: Pete Travis
Starring: Dwayne Johnson, Gina Carano, Shia LaBeouf, Amanda Seyfried, Bill Murray, Taylor Kitsch, Kane, and James Gandolfini


The Butcher Cuts Loose is the third film in what has become “The Butcher Trilogy.” It follows directly after the events of the previous film, The Butcher Means.  War. A cataclysm has wiped out half the world’s population. The streets of Edge City are ruled by vicious street gangs, and a mysterious new villain has emerged, Menace Man. The Butcher’s former sidekick from the first film, he has now been ressureccted as an unstoppable force of pure destruction. Now, with his new ally, She-Butcher, he will do battle with the forces of evil.


The film is shot in the city of Vancouver, Canada.


The film is set one year after The Butcher Means War.


I created the character of The Butcher when I was 14 as a silly comic book. My friend Marc Unelli came up with the character of a child-sidekick called “Sideick.” I’ve always wanted to make a satirical comic-book film out of The Butcher character and envisioned it as a trilogy. In this film, The Butcher escapes from a subterranean prison and finds Edge City in almost total ruins. He finally meets his match in She-Butcher, who allows him to reconnect with humanity.


My brother and I collaborated on the script, which took about a month to complete. Then, we got right into production. I submitted the script to studio head, Teufel, and he loved it. Everyone involved is all very excited, and we can’t wait to see the response it gets.

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  1. The Rock says:

    Be sure to check out Fast and the Furious 6 as well. I call Vin Diesel a jabroni in there.

  2. Vin Diesel says:

    No he doesn’t.

  3. Paul Walker says:

    I almost had you, Dom.

  4. Vin Diesel says:

    You almost had me? You never had me – you never had your car… Granny shiftin’ not double clutchin’ like you should. You’re lucky that hundred shot of NOS didn’t blow the welds on the intake! You almost had me?

  5. The Butcher says:

    Why ain’t nobody watching my movie, Billy?

  6. Bob's Burgers is Stupid says:

    Shia looks like he is sitting on something, if you know what I mean.

  7. Paul Walker says:

    Sorry about being dead guys. Good luck with F&F 7!

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