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It’s a Sunny Day For All

It's a Sunny Day For All
It seems that Kermit the Frog is worthy of two franchises, not just one. The ownership or lease of a franchise is necessary in HTG Hollywood in order to publish work on that property. Recently, newcomer JonesofFlorida asked about the price of Sesame Street, the beloved program catering to children for decades. The price given was 200 million dollars. (That would give a buzz bonus of +2 to the vote... 


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Actress Gains TS Thanks to Monkey-Led Romp

Actress Gains TS Thanks to Monkey-Led Romp
After a long career in HTG Hollywood, fanboy delight Natalie Portman has finally surpassed the 10 barrier for her Talent Score. Thanks to the success of Baseball Mogul’s comedy S***ball 2, the actress now has a TS of 11.000. “It’s a great feeling” the star stated during a recent meet and greet. “Maybe now I can buy a decent pair of shoes or something. My thanks go out... 


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Check Out These Movies in Theaters

So much Box Office, so little time. With so many movies pulling in big numbers, as we learn how more and more of these movies are doing, let’s take a look at a few of the recent movies in theaters. Tina The Movie It is always great to see new producers and give them a warm welcome into HTG Hollywood. Tina The Movie is a bio pic of Tina Turner by Simply the Best Productions and first time producer... 


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