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Oak A Makes his HTG Debut in the Mountains

Oak A of Sitatunga Pictures made his HTG movie debut today with Mountains: Andes, a documentary released by the Flip Brothers Studio. We invited him into The Hollywood Times office to chat about the new release. TIMES: What made you want to write about the Andes? OAK A: The visceral majesty of mountain ranges, and the amazement with which we have always regarded them, inspired this program. I have... 


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Sitting Down with Mr. Rickman

Sitting Down with Mr. Rickman
The incredibly talented Alan Rickman sits across from him. He is seated on a tall director’s chair with his hands folded on his lap. Before him is the theatrical poster for Another Time to Die Hard, the latest sequel in the famed action series. There is also a cardboard cutout of Chris Harmer, his co-star and the movie’s producer. The cutout watches over us like Big Brother. I’m... 


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The 5 Ws and How: TCW 83

Who? TCW 83 mostly focuses on the usual cast of TCW characters. Being only 28 pages long, and designed to be a development film rather than a major event film, not everyone appears. We get The Rock (pictured, top left), the Hardys (Jeff Hardy is pictured, center), Ric Flair and a number of the wrestlers who only appear in TCW. There’s also one big surprise. What? Three matches, two of them rematches... 


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Filmulation: An Introduction

Filmulation: An Introduction
Hey everyone, just a note/introduction from RS before CzarTim introduces everyone to a concept and new site that he has put a lot of work into. We couldn’t be more proud of CzarTim and hope to support him however we can with this new site. CzarTim will of course continue to be an administrator and big part of HTG moving forward. Now, on to his big news… I’m super happy to finally... 


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The 5Ws and How: Energy Run

Who? Bluegrass Productions is releasing Energy Run with Horizon Pictures. This film is directed by Doug Liman making his HTG debut. Freddie Highmore (pictured, left) plays Matt Helton, a college student studying environmental engineering. Paul Dano plays Alex Winter, a police officer who answers his call for help. Gary Oldman (pictured, center) plays Blake Radford, a calculating assassin who would... 


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