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Soundtrack: Squatters

Soundtrack: Squatters
The soundtrack for the new Flip Brothers romance Squatters has been released for download online. The soundtrack features three songs relevant to the movie and hand picked by the producer: SQUATTERS SOUNDTRACK Silent Night by Limp Bizkit My Wild Love by The Doors Crowing by Toad The Wet Sprocket Squatters hits theaters worldwide tomorrow, Friday December 27th, 2013 from the Flip Brothers Studio... 


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Soundtrack: A Son’s Revenge

Soundtrack: A Son's Revenge
The soundtrack for A Son’s Revenge, a western that stars Dane DeHaan, Anna Kendrick, Lucas Black, and Chris Owen has been revealed. It features two songs by Nancy Sinatra and by Juan Antonio Toledano Fernandez, as well as one song by Bon Jovi and one by its lead singer Jon Bon Jovi. “When I took my first look at the movie, we had the Sinatra songs already there,” commented producer... 


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HTG: TV December Voting #1 is up!

The first round of voting for December’s HTG: TV has begun! In the mix of buzzing shows are My Little Pony and The Hollywood Times (both posters are pictured above), while you can vote on recent episodes for such shows as The Twilight Zone, It’s Always Me, TCW, All In, and Operations Division South. You can have your voice heard and cast your votes here.  Read More →


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Runner Runner Review

Runner Runner is not Inception; it is not a film destined for repeated viewings at film schools, taught and deconstructed in hushed revered tones. That said, for the most part it is fun, silly, and with a collection of genuine stars headed up by Ben Affleck, it does hold your attention for the full ninety minutes. The film’s plot places the game of poker at its centre. And much like a casual, care... 


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