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Romania Told, “Say No to Pirates”.

The European nation of Romania is perhaps best known for being the home of being a world class gymnastics team. Or perhaps the setting for the recent cartoon Hotel Transylvania. But in recent days, a sting operation has revealed that it is also the home of pirates. Not the ones with eye patches and parrots on their shoulder, but the ones that steal TV shows and movies. A number of them were caught... 


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Miami Vice Begins (re)Casting!

Miami Vice Begins (re)Casting!
Michael Mann’s wildly popular 80s action television series Miami Vice is being adapted and rebooted for HTG TV. Superman and Badge of Justice producer KrisGreet is putting together the new take, although it is currently unknown if the proposed series has a Network to call if home. Will it be ready for the upcoming new session? The original Miami Vice  starred Don Johnson as James “Sonny”... 


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Cyberpunks Take On Online Casinos

Cyberpunks Take On Online Casinos
We’re going to take a moment to chat about some REAL LIFE movies… It’s been quite a while since a number of cinema powerhouses joined forces to put money behind a cyber-thriller at the level of The Matrix and its, erm, “intriguing” sequels. But that hasn’t stopped a few of them, notably Streethouse Productions, from coming together once again to make an impact on... 


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