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A New Horizon for One of HTG’s Oldest Studios

There is a new horizon for one of HTG’s oldest (and most successful) studios as Ship of Fooles closes its doors and joins with Kinetic Pictures to form Horizon Pictures. Co-studios heads Lucian and Brianc2008 will share the new studio, with Lucian taking a behind the scenes roles while he works on personal projects, including a new season of TCW, and Brianc2008 becoming the COO who will head... 


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Back in the Saddle

Back in the Saddle
After a long period of quiet from Decepticon Liberation Front and 21st Century Cat Pictures, both are making a return to theaters August 16th. Starring Christian Kane and Jill Wagner, Saddle Tramp is a western short about a wandering cowboy named Jack Robinson. Jack is a drifter with no place he calls home and he wouldn’t trade that freedom for anything in the world. Saddle Tramp was originally conceived... 


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