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17th HTG Award Nominees

Here they are, your 17th HTG Award nominees. Voting has opened on our message board. Help celebrate the best that HTG had to offer in the last half year! Best Creative Company RS Creative | RandomFX | Goliathus Best Critic Goliathus | Brianc2008 | Lucian Best Journalist Goliathus | RS | Quantum Best Soundtrack Voice of the Night | WWE Present, The Greatest Movie Ever Sold | Tortoise and the Hare Best... 


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What happened to the Message Board?

What happened to the Message Board?
“WTF! I was just surfing around the message board, enjoying my favorite forums and BAM! In the blink of an eye it is all different! I HATE CHANGE! WHAT IS GOING ON????” is what an over-dramatic person might have thought late last night as the Hollywood the Game Message Board got a long overdo update. Visually, the board looks normal (as you can see from the cropped pic above), but if you... 


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Justin Lin (finally) makes his HTG Debut

Justin Lin is the director most associated with The Fast and The Furious franchise, with four of the six films helmed by him. In terms of box office he’s a very successful director. Yet, he has never directed an HTG film. Until now. Lucian has picked Lin to go behind the camera of his upcoming film Car Wars. “I wanted someone who really knew cars and action” Lucian commented. “And I wanted... 


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TCW Partnered with the Ontario Tourism Board

TCW Partnered with the Ontario Tourism Board
It’s a well-known fact that Lucian Carter lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada when he is away from HTG Hollywood. A few months ago, Lucian partnered with the Ontario Tourism Board to bring a major TCW event to Toronto. TCW 12 (counting the one season which ran live at the Hollywood Coliseum) was shot entirely in Canada with events in Vancouver, Calgary and Winnipeg. The season culminated with TCW Total... 


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TV is back!

TV is back!
It is that time again! Hollywood the Game television is back and is better than ever! With some creative shifts, new shows, and returning favorites (one of which has been gone for a very very long time!) session 15 is starting with a bang. Lets look at the week one lineups… 8:00PM Extraordinary The Big Apple All In 8:30PM It’s Always Me Whose Line is it Anyway? Monster 9:00PM The... 


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