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Changes at the Stars/Armory

The Hollywood Stars is a team of actors and actresses who are working together to get noticed in HTG Hollywood. So the team is pleased when a producer/studio shows interest in one of their talents. Cuba Gooding Jr. of the Hollywood Stars has left the team to film Tortoise and Hare. Although he will be missed by the team, we received assurance from studio owner Brianc2008 that Mr. Gooding Jr. will be... 


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New Chapter of Dark Horse

New Chapter of Dark Horse
The Dark Horse Films is back with a quadrilogy ready to launch and I think that a little reunion would be cool so here I am, with The Dark Horse. GOLIATHUS: Welcome back to HTG (belated or not), so what brings you back? THE DARK HORSE: Around Christmas time I started writing The Slave and I wanted to release it then. I don’t think I finished it till early March. GOLIATHUS: In the previous interview,... 


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April Movie Releases

April is such a busy month for me and I apologize for the belated movie preview. Let’s just say that April isn’t as busy as March when it comes to the releases but hopefully the quality is still packing here. Do note that not all of the releases are covered in this article(due to lack of information) and everything is subjected to change as per usual, some films might pop-up suddenly, some... 


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The 5 Ws and How: Hybrid: Phoenix Rising

Who? The film is being released by Lake Hope Features and produced by Drejr29 films. It is directed by Neil Marshall and stars Charlize Theron as Imoren, Emily Blunt as Imoren’s sister, Tryane, Viggo Mortensen as King Madarion and Alexander Skarsgaard as Imoren’s husband, Valynard. Other notable cast members are Chris Hemsworth, Jennifer Lawrence, Mia Wasikowska. What? Hybrid: ... 


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