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Get to Know United Spirit Productions

Producer: JDog84 Portfolio: 2 TV Show In the business for: 1 Year Specialty: Focused, Originality In my mind, JDog84 has always been a mysterious player on the site. One that is taking things slow, loves to write on the background and release thing on time. Focusing one project at a time and with TV project needing longer time to focus on, he is so far the producer of two TV series. With Diamond Records... 


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The Red Star Ends Run After 2 Seasons

Some unfortunate news is coming out of the TBC headquarters this afternoon, it has been announced today that The Red Star, the show from Lightning Productions and TBC, will be ending its run after two seasons on the air. The announcement was made this morning by a TBC spokesperson who is currently nameless. “It was a mutual decision from both the network and the producer. They felt the need to... 


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March Movie Releases

While February is a so-so month for movies except for the huge Valentine’s week, March is a huge month from beginning to the end, a lot of releases and some hugely hyped one at that. A great month for the fans but maybe not so for some movies as there’s a lot of competitions here. March 1, 1st week of March Already in theaters are Voice of The Night and The Purging. Voice of The Night... 


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