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Soundtrack: TCW Rule the Ring

Soundtrack: TCW Rule the Ring
Fight your way to the store to pick up your copy of the official movie soundtrack for the upcoming Ship of Fooles Studio’s event film TCW Rule the Ring. The album features seven tracks from some of your favorite superstars. TCW RULE THE RING OFFICIAL SOUNDTRACK “Empire March” by Dale Johnson (Awesome Kong) “Tubthumping” cover by They Might Be Giants (The Lucky Bulls) “Joy... 


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Get to Know Ship of Fooles: Part 2

In part 1 of our interview with Lucian we chatted about his past films, including his favorites. Now, lets chat about the future… G: You have accomplished a lot of things here, are there any goals you have not achieved yet? Or perhaps something new that you want to achieve? L: There are a few Yoda categories I have never won that I’d like to. Best Picture of course, but Best Cinematography... 


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Deadman Cast Announced

Deadman Cast Announced
Baseball Mogul Productions has announced the cast for their new film Deadman from the Flip Brothers Studio. Writer/producer Pedro is excited to be working with studio heads RS and PJ again. Amy didn’t care less, but she came along anyway. Deadman is the sequel to The Hook. It takes place a few months after Boston Brand has been killed. Michael Weatherly is the main cast member here. He comes... 


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Get to Know Ship of Fooles: Part 1

Producer: Lucian Portfolio: 54 Films + 29 TV Show/Movie In the business for: 6 Years Specialty: Wrestling, Arthouse-esque Releases, Man-of-All-Profession This marks my first senior interview and Lucian, the man behind Ships of Fooles is as interesting as the others. While movies from Ship of Fooles Productions are not always a masterpiece or big sellers, Ship of Fooles Film Studio is no doubt one... 


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December Movie Releases

December Movie Releases
Here we are at December, the end of the year, the holiday season, the month that puts a smile on every movie studio’s face for the increased amount of moviegoers. While the movies are changing their release date like crazy and plenty of movies (like Sandman 2 and 28 Months Later) are pulled off of the calendar for December, there are new reinforcements on the way to take the advantage of a good... 


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