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The G’s TV Semi-Season Talk

The G's TV Semi-Season Talk
Yo, this is The G, bringing yo’all some of my opinion on the current TV season — or session, if you like to call it that. After watching everything that is on TV for three weeks, The G is exhausted and my ass definitely feels bigger now. The critic’s corner better pay me a good pile of cash so I can get a jogging machine to workout while I watch and maybe some Red Bull to go along... 


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Lexx Looks To Soar

Lexx Looks To Soar
Lexx was never a hit show when it aired from 1997-2002, amassing 61 episodes over 4 seasons. A co-production of four different nations: Canada, Germany, the UK and the USA it aired on Global TV and later Space in Canada and on the Sci-Fi network in the US, not on a major network. But now, Ship of Fooles is rebooting the Lexx series and its cult following has taken notice. A member of “The Fellowship... 


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The Red Star Renewed; New Cast Members Announced

Rogue Net is pleased to announce that its hit new series, The Red Star, from Anonemuss and his Lightning Productions label has been renewed for a second season consisting of three episodes. The renewal comes on the heels of three weeks of solid ratings which at one point saw the show take the top ratings for its slot. The series, which received a late series order, began airing week two and wraps its... 


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The Fastest Sport on Earth Comes to an End

Rogue Net and Fonseca Cousins Productions are sad to announce that The Fastest Sport on Earth, the Rogue Net show following two budding hockey players, is coming to end this session. It was a mutually agreed upon decision by Rogue Net head Quantum and Fonseca Cousins head Sparckvalentine to end the show. The Fastest Sport on Earth has struggled ever since it debuted, with buzz and ratings near the... 


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November Movie Releases

November Movie Releases
We are coming to the end of the year and being the month before the huge December, November is a little slim on releases. The good thing is that a good film will definitely breakout more than usual and which films will have a chance to do that? Let’s check them out. November 2, 1st week of November Cars 3 (already in cinema) starts the month off with some animated fun. As anyone would have guessed,... 


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