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Blacksmith Pictures Returns Forging New Projects

After an almost 2 year absence from HTG, Producer and Studio Head Joe Blackerby (aka Blacksmith) has returned to the town, reinvigorated and ready to bring more films to theaters. While in HTG, Blacksmith released original works like The Seventh Son, Hawkins and the critically acclaimed Murder Castle, based on true life serial killer H.H. Holmes.  He also brought Indiana Jones to HTG in the successful... 


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Get to Know Bluegrass Productions: Part 2

Goliathus: Any sneak peek of your next and upcoming movie? Brianc2008: Well, the next film I’m doing is an adaption of Dean Koontz’s novel Voice of the Night. I’m doing some changes to make the film more plausible and exciting. It’s a thriller about Colin, basically this quiet nerd, who gets on the fast track of popularity in college due to his friendship with Roy, an all-American... 


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Rogue Net Engages The Red Star

Rogue Net has picked up the off cycle pilot, The Red Star, from producer Anonemuss (Society of Thieves, Wrong Side of the Tracks) to series with a four episode order. The series order, which marks the first for Anonemuss, comes on the heels of the first week ratings that saw Rogue Net score dead last in the ratings. The pickup, though not entirely related to the ratings fiasco, is said to have been... 


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Aikawa Leaves the Force

Lightning Productions and Ship of Fooles Studio are proud to announce that Det. Aguri Katsuragi (Sho Aikawa) is leaving the Police Force to work on the film Rising Sun. “I’ll miss being here, but we’ve all got to leave some time or another” says Aikawa, who’ll be playing a Japanese Officer that tries to hunt down all Chinese opposition. About his role, Aikawa says that “he’s a really... 


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October Movie Releases

October isn’t a huge month when it comes to the amount of releases, which can be both good and bad. The bad thing is that there’s not as many choice for the movie viewers and the good thing is a lesser pool to divide the money. Hopefully we can see a better gross performance from the movies in this month as we are in the slump for quite a few weeks. Some of the films can be read on previous... 


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