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HTG Fun With Math: Studio & Production Company Performance

HTG Fun With Math: Studio & Production Company Performance
Now that we are done with the overall performance of movies as a whole in the previous article, let’s take a look at a more detailed studio-by-studio and company-by-company evaluation. Through this we will see the performance of each studio and producer and see who’s hot and who’s not. Since I have been using 6W formula when gathering the data, this article will follow that trend... 


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Orchid Sense Cast Talk Experiences

Yesterday, a press conference was held inside the Rogue Net building where we caught up with the cast and the producer of Rogue Net’s new dramedy/mystery series, Orchid Sense. While they talked about the show to the audience, we tried to talk directly with the cast of the show. We first ran to the lead star of the show, Christine Taylor who plays a video store employee who has an ability to see... 


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Hello There, TV Session 13

It must be hard for the TV lover in HTG to wait three months for another session but all the patience pays off as it’s almost time to reap the rewards off the wait. As always, we have new shows coming in and some old shows going out. One thing remains the same though and that is HTG TV never fails to bring variety to the viewers. On the fun side, we have the show that just continues to be bigger... 


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Pepper Steps Down, Suits Up

Private Daniel Jackson (Barry Pepper) of the HTG Hollywood Armory will be leaving his post to shoot Baseball Mogul Production’s new action movie, The Hook. The movie tells the story of a wealthy man who becomes homeless, only to rise up again when he is given the opportunity to join the League of Assassins as a new assassin under the codename of ‘The Hook.’ Peppper’s character... 


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Another Poster Leak for a BM Film

Another Poster Leak for a BM Film
Security at Miracle Pictures Studio is under review, thanks to the reveal of an early advertising sheet for the upcoming Baseball Mogul movie Grand Theft Dog 2. “I have no idea how these posters are getting out” commented MP chief Marlowe this afternoon. “I keep these things on my personal computer in my office. No one but me has the code to get on that computer. I’ve been... 


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