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Thieves Looking to Woo Audiences

In three days, Lake Hope Features and debut producer Anonemuss are looking to woo audiences with their action film Society of Thieves. Thanks to the living legend and visionary action director John Woo, they might do just that. It has been three years to the day of Woo’s last film, the action adaptation Gunz: Lost Salvation, which grossed more than 270 million dollars world wide. Before that... 


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Bingo Guide & Tips

Bingo Guide & Tips
We have come to the final month of Bingo or in long and full words, HTG’S 2012 SUMMER REVIEW EXTRAVAGANZA!!! [Click for the event thread] Some of the limited prizes are off the shelves but there are still many things to grab, not to mention many of the grand prizes are still there, ranging from free mansion 100M to make a film independently. One might feel like they don’t have enough time... 


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Monster Swipes the Deck Clean; Ups Guest, Gains New Regulars

Rogue Net is in the process of some big casting changes for its hit returning series. Session 13 is coming up quickly and Rogue Net is pleased to announce that production has begun on returning favorite Monster and the show will be featuring some new cast members. Monster, the acclaimed series from drejr29 (Hybrid, Stop Kiss) and based on the manga of the same name, is radically retooling its cast... 


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All Fall Down Pulled from Theaters

We spotlighted the cast of All Fall Down this past week [See: All Fall Down This Friday], but now we have some tough news for people who were looking forward to the buzz worthy crime drama- it has been pulled from theaters and rescheduled for mid-August. The studio faulted projectors and a digital file that was not working through the weekend. People showed up for the movie, but no one at the theaters... 


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Changes to The Process

After taking a break during session 11, Rogue Net is proud to announce that its hit talk show The Process will be returning for at least four episodes during session 13 and the show will feature a few new additions both cast and format wise. The Process is a talk show that sees HTG Producers being interviewed about how they write and the process it takes for them to get ideas onto the page. A highly... 


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