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Eastwick Cast Changes

Eastwick Cast Changes
As earlier reported (SEE: Emily Deschanel Talks Fame and Eastwick’s Second Season) all three main actresses (Emily Deschanel, Charisma Carpenter and Carla Gallo) have signed in for season 2. Halliwell Productions now confirms that Zach Gilford will return as well, meaning that Devon Aoki and Jamie Bamber have been dropped from the show. However it was also stated that both will be returning for some... 


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Hardest Working Director in Hollywood

For someone who is not even allowed to step foot on US soil, Roman Polanski is one of the hardest working directors “in” Hollywood with multiple films scheduled for release in the next month alone. Lets start with L.A. Noire: The Consul’s Car, the final film of Polanski and Baseball Mogul Production’s series based on the video game. Releasing worldwide tomorrow, this will be... 


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Sandman II Gears for Production

The saga that is Sandman is continuing with rumors that production has quietly begun on an untitled Sandman sequel, aptly titled Sandman II for now, and we have a piece of exclusive casting news. What most people are not aware of is that producer Quantum quietly picked up the rights to another DC comics hero and he’ll be making an appearance in the sequel. That character is Hourman and here’s... 


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Join The Damned With Toran

Join The Damned With Toran
While some producers may consider the wrap of a session of TV and the season finales of two shows a time to take a break Toran of the eponymous Toran Productions has no plans on slowing down. With the latest seasons of “Wolfgang and Zombie” and “Desperate Screenwriters” concluded he’s switching gears to make a strong return to theaters with the science fiction epic The... 


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Unbb24 Talks Upcoming Projects

Right before Christmas 2011, Unbb24 joined HTG. He is known as the producer of the TV series Life in NY and has written and produced two films in recent months, Even If The World Ends and The Simpsons Presidential Movie. We had a chance to interview unbb24 about his upcoming projects. TIMES: Unbb24, it is so nice to have you here. Tell us about your current status in HTG. Unbb24: I’m very fine here... 


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