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Flip Brothers Renew Freshman Shows

Earlier today Flip Brothers Television announced that they picked up two freshmen series for second seasons; the half hour adaptation of the vampire anime Trinity Blood, and the original hour long comedy Cherry on Top. Trinity Blood is written by Teufel (the rival Network head, co-owner of DRTV) and is loosely adapted from the anime and novels by Sunao Yoshida of the same name. The series is set in... 


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Fox Board of Directors Axes Chairman

Fox Board of Directors Axes Chairman
In a stunning announcement Fox Network chairman Steven Rylance lost a snap no-confidence vote amongst the Board of Directors and was fired this evening. This comes fresh on the heels of Rylance securing broadcast rights for two Decepticon Liberation Front films, little known fantasy Templars of Steel and critical and box office failure sci-fi Exo-Squad: Genesis. There were whispers of this possibly... 


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Emily Deschanel Talks Fame and Eastwick’s Second Season

Earlier this week we welcomed Emily Deschanel into the offices of The Hollywood Times to chat about her recent works. TIMES: Emily Deschanel, it’s so nice to have you here. The last year must have been quite a blast for you. Not only did you star in four Scream movies, but also in Bad Money, The Film Protectors 3 and The X-Files: Take No Prisoners. How do you adjust to all the media attention you... 


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May Movie Releases

May is a huge month for movie fans as there are a lot of releases. With such a good mix of genres, there surely will be something for just everyone out there. Mr.G has been doing his job to dig out whatever information there is about all the movies of May. I am sorry to say that not every movie is covered due to the lack of information (Yeah, Mr.G ain’t that good of a spy) but still, it’s... 


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Cast, Crew Excited about Reunion

This is the Jackal here at the preview party for Reunion.  In this party, members of the cast and crew get to see the finished product before it goes out to general release on May 18th.  For those who haven’t seen the teaser trailer or the ads for Reunion yet, it’s about 10 friends who on the night before college graduation witness one of their own accidentally kill another guy in a... 


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