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The Beginning (and Future) of Catalyst

Earlier this month, Catalyst Studios released their first movie since opening their gates close to a year ago, the horror adaptation Fatal Frame: Moonchild. The movie brought together studio head RandomFX’s award winning creative, with the pen of Kaitlynn- a surefire Best New Producer nominee at the next Yodas, and a predominantly Japanese cast to craft a movie experience that is rarely seen in... 


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Superstars Fuel Fastest’s Last Two Episodes

Superstars Fuel Fastest's Last Two Episodes
“I’m really proud of this show, and when you get the nod from actors like them, you just can’t help yourself but to smile nonstop like an idiot,” writer/producer Sparck Valentine told us about the last two episodes of his Rogue Net show Fastest Sport On Earth, which will feature superstar guests Hugh Jackman, Kate Beckinsale and Gwyneth Paltrow. Fastest Sport On Earth shows... 


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Cast/Producer Talk New Drama

Even If The World Ends is the debut film produced by unbb24 Productions. It is a dramatic film about a mother who has been released from jail after twenty years and tries to reunite with her daughters. The movie is being released by AmyLand Studios. Yesterday, The Hollywood Times had a chance to do sit down interviews with the cast and the producer of Even If The World Ends inside The Hollywood Times... 


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April Movie Releases

HTG studios offer viewers six new movies throughout the month of April. Some have already been released in the theater while most are still in their final countdown to release. Mr.Goliathus has been talking to the producers and studios and they were kind enough to share a little (or more) of the information on the movies, so let’s check them out: 1st Week of April These are already in the theater... 


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War is Coming to Rogue Net

War is Coming to Rogue Net
“This is a project that I feel will make for a great companion piece to our fantasy mainstay Hybrid” said Quantum on the set of Rogue Net’s newest original series; Wars of Eredhar. Wars of Eredhar has just begun production in Bulgaria for a midseason berth and is from new producer MarkConnor of Shining Star Productions.The show, which will be having a four episode midseason season... 


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