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Interview: Teufel

KAITLYNN: What is your nickname and your production company name? TEUFEL: My name is Teufel and my production company is Decepticon Liberation Front. KAITLYNN: What is your role in HTG? TEUFEL: I co-run 21st Century Cat Pictures with KG, co-run DRTV with Mr. Tim, do some admin stuff, and occasionally write reviews and news articles. KAITLYNN: When did you join HTG and how did you find it? TEUFEL:... 


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AmyLand Star Speaks Out

Chris O’Dowd, the lead actor in FBTV’s newest comedy AmyLand spoke to reporters outside Club Siberia late Thursday evening. He was speaking out against something said in a new review of the AmyLand pilot. “This review was posted earlier today that said our show “tries to turn Tom Cruise is gay into laughs”, but I’m not sure what show the critic was watching. We never... 


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Interview: Goliathus

Goliathus is one of HTG’s newest producers and he has jumped right into the mix of things! He recently posted his first article on The Hollywood Times (which you can read here) and he has been busy reviewing movies (check them out here). I sat down to talk to him to see how he is adapting to Hollywood… KAITLYNN: What is your nickname and/or your production company name? GOLIATHUS: The... 


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Charmed Returns To The Small Screen

After a successful run of eight years and a continuation as a comic book, the WB hit series Charmed is reportedly going to make its comeback to the small Hollywood the Game screens. An inside source with whom we will hopefully have an interview with in the following days, confirmed that a Charmed TV-movie is in the pre-production. Surprisingly, our source states that the TV-movie will feature all four... 


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Mr.Goliathus’s Insight of TV Session 12

It’s another TV session (or as I prefer to call it- season), but that’s not the point of this article. This is all about what’s new on the TV. Looking at the schedule of the entire session, we can see this session is pretty dark and there’s all sorts of monsters on throughout the session. For Japan manga and/or anime lovers, Monster, an adaptation of the Monster manga, is a... 


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