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Interview: Toran

KAITLYNN: What is your nickname and/or your production company name? TORAN: “I’m usually called Toran but every once and awhile I’m called Little T. My production company is simply named Toran Productions.” KAITLYNN: What is your role in HTG? TORAN: “I’m the studio head of I’m An Astronaut FIlms, and a humble producer. I use to review a lot as well and slowly getting back... 


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Newbie Guide: Writing

What is the Newbie Guide? When I first found Hollywood the Game I really found it all cool and well, but I failed to find any kind of real and useful newbie help. It took a lot of guessing and bugging people in the chat room to figure it out and still now I do not understand most of it. So for now I am sticking to the role of a writer and how to get started in HTG. How do I start? (Note: If you do... 


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