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Whoa! The Matrix is Rebooting

When the HTG community woke up this morning I think the last thing on people’s minds was that we might be seeing a new film in one of the biggest franchises of all time, the Wachowskis’ Matrix series. But there it was, an ad for Matrix: Rebooted. We don’t have much info at this point, but what we do know is as follows; 21st Century Cat Pictures has bank rolled the purchase of the... 


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Who is the Phantom Stranger?

When shaping the first season of FBTV’s DC Showcase, producer Ritchie Steven knew that he needed a glue to hold the stories together. What he did not expect was that it would come in the form of a little known DC character that goes by the Phantom Stranger. “We went through a lot of characters — the original idea was to have Booster Gold hopping through time and meeting various heroes... 


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Slam (-ing) with Revamps!

Slam Poetry Showdown, one of the new Community shows to launch this session, is undergoing a bit of retooling as its second episode gears up for production later this week. Due to the mixed reaction the show received during its premiere week, the show’s producer, Quantum, as well as the network has decided to add three new regulars to the series. The new additions include a new show announcer,... 


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Emerald Adds Green!

Landon Harris’ Emerald Productions just finished building a Green Screen Room in their Hollywood based production office. The 60 million dollar investment in facilities will allow the producer to make Arthouse Sci-Fi and Fantasy movies, which are otherwise impossible to create for an arthosue budget. This works well for the veteran producer who owns his own arthouse studio, Four Tops Studio. Landon’s... 


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Are You Prepared for ‘The Renegade’?

While it may not be known to all of HTG’s citizens, a project boiling for nearly five years is ready to pounce into theaters from producer/writer Sparckvalentine and studio Wonder Inc and that project is the epic saga called The Renegade. Not much has been revealed thus far, but we spoke with WI studio head Dartcher who proclaimed how the franchise will be a unique addition to HTG. “It’s... 


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