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Rogue Net Speeds Up

Rogue Net has teamed up with Fonseca Cousins Productions (TMNT: Zero) on a new sports show that is set to air a preview episode at the end of session eleven for a proper debut in session twelve. The series, tentatively titled The Fastest Sport on Earth, is set in the heart of professional hockey and follows two up and coming goaltenders, to be played by producer Sparck and Josh Hutcherson (Atlantis),... 


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TV Session 11 Buzz Voting has Begun!

We are only a few days away from an all new session of HTG TV. This year the land scape is wildly different, with 2 out of 3 networks getting new management and a large crow of new shows from young producers and veterans. Buzz voting has begun, and I hope that everyone takes the time to lend their votes on close to 30 shows and TV movies. Pictured above are the community shows for all three networks.... 


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Rogue Shows add Regulars

With session eleven beginning in just a few short weeks, several returning Rogue Net shows will be adding new regulars to there lineups. Those shows mixing things up are Hybrid, New York, and Sheriff Pro Tempore. All three shows aired at least one episode during the latest session. Hybrid, the breakout midseason freshmen series from last session has done the most in terms of revitalizing its regular... 


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Top Tips for Hollywood: The Game

So you want to make it big in Hollywood? Well you’re certainly not the only one. It’s certainly a competitive place to be, but here are a few top tips for making it within the world of Hollywood. Firstly, you will have needed to decide exactly what you want to do within Hollywood. You can choose more than one role, but this can sometimes be more difficult if you’re just starting out.... 


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Siren is coming out? Maybe? I guess.

Tomorrow, September 9th, Wonder Inc and Bennyman Film’s Siren is scheduled to hit theaters, but you would not know from advertising. I’ve seen a total of one ad for the thriller, and it was a banner image. No text. No trailer. Not even a cast listing. Oh, and the single ad had an earlier missed release date. That does not bode well for the film’s buzz and makes me wonder why the studio... 


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