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They came from a town called Zombieville

This is the type of movie I like to see. An original (and very creative) idea. Zombieville, as described by the writer/producer, Pedro of Baseball Mogul Productions: “[Zombieville] involves an island of zombies, who live peacefully. They’re also different than most zombies because they made their own little town on their island. They can talk and are very intelligent. The United States... 


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Get your Buzz Bonus on!

If you buzz vote weekly you are not only helping to decide the box office receipts of new movies, but you also have a chance to take home some awesome prizes!  Every week one random voter is picked out of the bunch and receives a copy of HTG Buzz magazine for their HTG homes (the magazine is worth 100k in free advertising for all future releases). But that isn’t it, if you collect and stack... 


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Angry Birds Flies High, TCW An Improvement

Whoa, whoa, whoa. The box office is updated?! Wow, a rainbow just flew through my living room apparently, and we all know I hate rainbows, but whatever. Angry Birds shot through the roof… or sky… or whatever those damn things fly through. TCW vs. WWE raged at everything like a hardcore Xbox gamer and took in some purty numbers. Metal Hearts still clunked it on the head with its metal-y... 


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Hell is Coming to Hollywood

Today hell is rising up in Hollywood as Lake Hope Features resurrects Pinhead and the Hellraiser franchise! Go to horror guru Dartcher of Aurora Films (A Nightmare on Elm Street reboot, Axe, Winter Abandon, Creature series, etc) is penning the flick with the series original mastermind Clive Barker taking the helm. Doug Bradley returns to his iconic role of Pinhead in Hellraiser: Origins, which as you... 


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Preview Scene from Prislow Falls

Producer Krisgreet of KG Productions was kind enough to share a scene with us from his upcoming small town drama, Prislow Falls. The movie is being released by the Flip Brothers Studio and stars Brandon Routh (Tailchasers), Jennifer Morrison (Doctor Who), Edward Herrmann (South Hampton), Claire Forlani (The Milliner: 1919, Fear Itself 2), and Margot Kidder. FADE IN: INT. MERCY GENERAL ER, TRAUMA ROOM A... 


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