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Weekend Predictions: ‘Angry Birds’ to Slingshot Massive Numbers

This Memorial Day weekend is set to be perhaps one of the biggest in HTG. TCW vs. WWE fights its way into theatres while Angry Birds catapults itself into theatres. TCW vs. WWE is likely to spark interest, since its marketing angle uses the “fate of…” angle. It also merges two very popular wrestling franchises. The last film in Lucian’s acclaimed wrestling series, TCW X opened... 


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The Brit… I Mean, the Birds Are Coming!

The mobile gaming phenomenon that is known as Angry Birds is finally getting the HTG treatment! “I’ve always thought an Angry Birds film would be a fun thing to produce and a fun thing for audiences to watch,” says Dartcher the producer of the upcoming adaptation. “My goal is to add some of my own little things into the game’s universe, such as a couple new birds for example…... 


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A Scene from Batman: Second Coming

The fifth installment of Bryan Bishop and Alfonso Cuarón’s Batman is speeding into theaters in less than a month. The multiple time best producer winner was kind enough to share a scene of the movie with us. Check it out… (CUT TO – Arkham Asylum in the moonlight. An Island stronghold linked to the mainland by a narrow drawbridge, the towering building rises up like a castle, windows... 


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