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A Three Way Dance for Box Office Supremacy

After a few lackluster weeks, it looks like April 29th is the unofficial beginning of blockbuster season. Three huge films all with their own niches will take on each other to gobble up the money that will be paid in real life to watch Vin Diesel and The Rock fight. Let’s look at the competitors and see who has the best chance to come out of the weekend with the most cash. First up is Creatures... 


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Hardwick Detects Success, Halloween Doesn’t Trick

Business continued to improve, with two hyped films gaining great openings and a few holdovers that held extremely well… unfortunately. Hardwick 2: Double Trouble, the sequel to Marlowe’s effing awesome award-winning film Hardwick, bagged $68.9 million out of the gate. While that’s quite a bit off from the first’s $87.4 million opening, Hardwick 2 still saw great business.... 


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Holiday Franchise Auctions

Holiday Franchise Auctions
The holiday weekend ended up being a busy time in Hollywood. We had two new films in theaters, three enter buzz, a new week of HTG TV prepping for Monday, and five franchises hit the auction block from Baseball Mogul Productions. Lets focus on the latter. The franchises included television shows 24 (pictured left) and Party Down, video games Narc and Heavy Rain, along with the rights to the novel Faggots.... 


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Nightmare Haunts, Gunslingers Shoots High

Nightmare Haunts, Gunslingers Shoots High
Business this week was a major improvement over the same time-frame last year (although that’s not saying much), with two sequels entering the fray. A Nightmare on Elm Street 2 sliced its razor gloves through everyone’s pockets, bagging an impressive $52.2 million opening and taking first this week. Even though that’s a bit less than the first Nightmare‘s $57 million opening,... 


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Who is Going to Camp?

Shia LaBeouf leads the cast of the Flip Brothers latest movie, Camp Quad. An arthouse drama about war, friendship, and baseball. Joining the young actor in the leading roles are Michael Ironside, Justin Timberlake, and Rachel McAdams. The movie co-stars Laz Alonso, Topher Grace, Justin Bartha, David Krumholtz, and Bill Pullman. After Bowman (Bartha) is severely injured in battle, his friends and fellow... 


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