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The 12th HTG Awards Show

The 12th HTG Awards Show
It is that time of the year again! The 12th “Annual” HTG Awards show is here and ready to hand out Golden Yodas to the best of the best from the second half of 2010 (July to Decemeber). The live show will be held in the HTG Chatroom and hosted by CzarTim at 3pm est /12pm pst. You can check out all of the nominees over on the message board.  Read More →


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Want Some… Bad Money?

This Friday, Baseball Mogul Productions is teaming up with the Coen Brothers for a new dark comedy, Bad Money. Bad Money tells the story of a woman, Andie Simon (Helena Bonham Carter) who cursed a bag of money and sets it out in to the world. As the money passes from person to person, each person who receives the money becomes insanely protective of it, but the money also brings about incredibly... 


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Wonder Inc Greenlights Two Pitches

Wonder Inc has picked up two new films fresh off already releasing two films in 2011 (the horror movie Axe and the actioner Split Paths). The first of the two pitches that they gave the greenlight to is new producer Kyle Stevens’ arthouse drama She Said She Loved Me. The story is set in present day and follows the police as they search for the killer of a stripper. The audience will be brought... 


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PJFlip Returns to TV

After a year break from HTG TV, Sully awarding winning producer PJFlip is returning with a few all new shows. His first to hit the airwaves is the loner drama Diary of a Super Powered Freak. The new show will be airing at 8:30 pm on FBTV after the veteran superhero cartoon/satire The Tick. Diary stars Fran Kranz as a young man that lives in isolation when he accidentally gets superpowers. Unlike what... 


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Horror Franchise in the Making?

The first film in an intended franchise, Winter Abandon, is set to be released March 4th from Aurora Films and Lake Hope Features. The film is about a family who’s going out to visit other family members, however, once they enter a small town called Greenston they discover a terrible secret, and to make matters worse they can’t escape the town. The film stars Mark Wahlberg, Charisma Carpenter,... 


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