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Ending the Year on a High Note

I gotta say, HTG is ending a great year of movie releases with a bang! Four movies that are buzzing high will mark the end of the year. They include A Nightmare on Elm Street, A Racing Story, Rosemary, and The Stupidest Angel. A Nightmare on Elm Street is a remake of the classic horror series that puts Downtown co-star and real life wacko Crispin Glover in the burn scars and the razor finger gloves.... 


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Who is Back in Hollywood?

Who is Back in Hollywood?
The Goose Is Back!! After taking almost a year off from HTG, the newswire out of TLM Productions started ticking.  Goose returned to his office, fresh off an extended vacation to take care of personal business. The last time the producer was seen was at the red carpet premiere of Alice in La La Land in January of 2010. Personal issuses and production problems forced the scrapping of Rag Doll,... 


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Bidders Scream for Horror Franchise

The road to Scream is just starting with the ending of the most epic auction bidding war to ever take place here at HTG. What started as a small feud for a single franchise, Scream to be exact, turned into a heated war as the final minutes dawned upon the most coveted auction since the opening of the original Auction House back in 2005. “I did not expect it to go that high” commented one... 


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This Friday, Head Out West

Director Paul Thomas Anderson is hoping that you’ll follow him out west this weekend as he releases his first film since 2007, Pedro’s Gunslingers. This movie marks HTG’s fifth western, which can finally fill out the top list for Hollywood lest used genre. Checkmate Pictures will be releasing the movie. The lead actors in the movie are Paul Leyden, Nicholas Lea, Zoe Bell, and the... 


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Coppola’s Next Project

The HTG Award Winning Best Director of Shades of God, Sofia Coppola, has chosen her next project. The psychological drama Rosemary from Bennyman Films and Bulletproof Avatar Pictures. The movie is a fifties period piece that focuses on a woman who moves to Rosemary, Ohio with her new husband when her past comes back to haunt them. Evan Rachel Wood is in talks for the leading role with Hayden Christensen... 


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