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Racing into Theaters this Christmas

Michael C Hall has scored the lead role in the upcoming racing drama from Checkmate Pictures, A Racing Story. In the movie, Hall portrays Jimmy Sanders, the son of a famous pro-racer.  After his father’s passing, Jimmy follows in his footsteps in the racing world and finds more than he bargained for as he comes up against his father’s rival. Joining Hall in the movie is Checkmate Studio... 


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Bell to Reprise Veronica Mars

Kristen Bell has had a very healthy HTG career, starring in more than a dozen productions and has taken home a Yoda for Best Actress and has been nominated for a dramatic Sully TV award. Now she is preparing to step back into the role that launched her into stardom, Veronica Mars. The movie spinoff from the popular canceled-before-it’s time television series was pitched in the summer of 2009... 


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Lets Go to Nebraska!

The Ship of Fooles Studio and Lucky 13 Productions want us to take a trip with them to Nebraska! Are you cool with going along for the ride? Driving the car is director Danny Boyle with Eliza Dushku riding shotgun with Danny Glover and Joan Allen in the backseat. The movie is a short arthouse drama where Dushku portrays Tiffany White, a young woman who wakes up to discover that Nebraska has turned... 


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Lets Get Ready to Rumble!

TCW X will be coming to theaters on Christmas Eve, but that doesn’t stop the wrestling machine from pitting people against each other in the ring. In addition to the monthly events at the Coliseum Hall [reported on in TCW is Live at the Coliseum Hall], TCW mastermind Lucian has organized a producer filled Battle Royal which you can check out over on the message board. The 12 men facing off in... 


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Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

This Friday November 26th, Michael Bay will be laughing at his own movies in a new zany comedy, The Bay Files. The movie is coming from Checkmate Pictures and Baseball Mogul Productions. Bay directed the action movie spoof from a script written by Pedro, and both will costar in the movie along with fellow producer and Checkmate owner Bryan Bishop. Of course the movie has some normal actors in it also.... 


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