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Four New Films Enter Theaters!

We have four new films in theaters, lets take a closer look at them… Fear Itself 3 From Checkmate Pictures this second sequel of the Fear Itself franchise features horro works from Quantum, Toran, Pedro, and Marlowe.¬† The movie anthology was directed by Robert Kurtzman in his HTG debut and features such talents as Justin Theroux, Jesse Eisenberg, Scott Wolf, Jayma Mays, Michael Eklund, and Hayden... 


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Do You Hear the Whispers?

This Friday will see the second release from the Elmquist Company and writer/producer Amanolive in the form of Whispers.¬† The films is being distributed by Wonder Inc, with studio head Mac the Movie Guy ushering it into theaters. The movie is a drama that focuses on two families and how an affair can destroy all of the relationships involved. It has an all star cast with Aaron Eckhart, Matt Damon,... 


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The Origin of TMNT: Zero

Week four of HTG TV’s ninth session sees the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turle’s first small screen adventure¬† in TMNT: Zero when Flip Brothers Television teams up with Lake Hope Features and writer/producer Sparckvalentine. The TV Movie takes place after the events in the summer box office hit TMNT: Origins, which was helmed by The Wachowskis’, but before the events in their next big screen... 


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Batman Names its Top Four

Batman Names its Top Four
Since Bryan Bishop took over the Batman series, a lot of talent has worked in Gotham City. While Casey Affleck as Bruce Wayne has been the lead in each of the pictures, the other top four roles have been a revolving door of names. In 2008’s To Thy Magic, Robert Downey Jr, William H Macy and Vincent D’Onofrio rounded out the leading roles, while in The Puzzle Factory Crispin Glover and... 


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The Hollywood Times is Back!

After a couple months of being locked out of the office, we decided to just buy a new office and start fresh! You can check out all of the archived content from the link at my right that says “2004 – June 2010“, but we are totally cool with starting fresh! As you can see, HTG has a brand new front page. PJ and RS were working tirelessly the past week to get it done. Well, PJ was working... 


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