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Crooked Little Absent Film

John Cusack called last night and unexpectedly canceled our press interview for “Crooked Little Vein”, and the film’s producer Tyler Durdan has been impossible to get comments from on the films status (not that we’ve tried that hard). This leads me to believe that the film might be pulled at the last minute from buzzing and pushed back to a later date for release. Miracle... 


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Release Date Drama! (a look at the end of the year)

As we found out at the last minute, BB’s “The Park” was pulled from its September 5th release date for unknown reasons. But that was only the beginning of a huge calendar shake up! First, “Crooked Little Vein” was pulled from its September 26th date, only to return to the calendar with a new studio releasing it. Another shift to the 26th occurred when Ship of Fooles... 


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The Homecoming Dance

Later today, TLM Productions and Lake Hope Features release The Homecoming Dance, a romantic comedy about going home. The film is directed by Sofia Coppola, who last directed Warming Up for the Flip Brothers Studio and won Best Director and Best Picture for her 2004 film, Shades of God. Coppola and Goose, the film’s writer/producer, have put together a fresh cast, including an A-List action... 


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