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The winners of thee 20th HTG Awards have been posted. Click here to see who got top honors from 2015 and 2016!  Read More →


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20th HTG Awards Nominations

20th HTG Awards Nominations
Best New Producer Simply the Best Productions (Richard Van Den) Mr Grell (Mr Grell) Random Name Productions (RandomName) Joseph Akers Productions (Joseph Akers) Best Creative Company Marlowe PJFlip RS Best Critic Mr. Bungle Howard Bell Jones of Florida Best Journalist RS Marlowe Richard Van Den Best Soundtrack They Came From Planet Earth The Warriors Space Travel on a Budget Best Site They Came From... 


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Reviewing Tips (aka the Seven Paragraph Review)

Reviewing Tips (aka the Seven Paragraph Review)
This is a reposting of a classic how to write reviews article. Enjoy! Reviewing is not quick. Reviewing is not easy. For those looking to make a quick buck without doing that much work should reconsider becoming a critic as their go to cash cow. Journalism is a much faster way to make coin with a lot less research/work needed to hand in an article. If you want to help a writer become better. If you... 


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HTG: TV December Voting #1 is up!

The first round of voting for December’s HTG: TV has begun! In the mix of buzzing shows are My Little Pony and The Hollywood Times (both posters are pictured above), while you can vote on recent episodes for such shows as The Twilight Zone, It’s Always Me, TCW, All In, and Operations Division South. You can have your voice heard and cast your votes here.  Read More →


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What happened to the Message Board?

What happened to the Message Board?
“WTF! I was just surfing around the message board, enjoying my favorite forums and BAM! In the blink of an eye it is all different! I HATE CHANGE! WHAT IS GOING ON????” is what an over-dramatic person might have thought late last night as the Hollywood the Game Message Board got a long overdo update. Visually, the board looks normal (as you can see from the cropped pic above), but if you... 


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