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Olympus Studio Project Press Announcement

Olympus Studio Project Press Announcement
INT. TV STUDIO Ritchie Steven (RS) and Kris Greet (KG) are in the Hollywood Times studio. They are standing in front of an Olympus Studio logo on a flat screen TV. RS: What is up HTG Hollywood! RS and Kris here with another breaking news story. Hot off the heels of the announcement a few weeks ago of his acquisition of Olympus Studios. Kris is here to announce his newest franchise acquisition. Take... 


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New Studio Announcement Video

New Studio Announcement Video
INT. TV STUDIO Ritchie Steven (RS) is standing in the Flip Brothers TV studio in front of full screen wall of posters of HTG films both past and present. Notable in the mix are Superman: The Last Son of Krypton and The Squad. RS: Hello to everyone out there in HTG land! It is great to dust off this old studio for a special announcement. I’m here today to introduce to the newest member of the... 


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Flip Brothers Studio & Frontline Films Announcement

Flip Brothers Studio & Frontline Films Announcement
On Monday, Flip Brothers Studio and Frontline Films released the first image for their upcoming release, It’s A Wild World: A Crime Saga Part One. We are pleased to announce that the latest picture from producer Eric M and Frontline Films is scheduled for release on June 27, 2014. The upcoming film, which is said to be the first in an ongoing series, will be directed by Steven Spielberg and will... 


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The Red Star Renewed; New Cast Members Announced

Rogue Net is pleased to announce that its hit new series, The Red Star, from Anonemuss and his Lightning Productions label has been renewed for a second season consisting of three episodes. The renewal comes on the heels of three weeks of solid ratings which at one point saw the show take the top ratings for its slot. The series, which received a late series order, began airing week two and wraps its... 


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Blacksmith Pictures Returns Forging New Projects

After an almost 2 year absence from HTG, Producer and Studio Head Joe Blackerby (aka Blacksmith) has returned to the town, reinvigorated and ready to bring more films to theaters. While in HTG, Blacksmith released original works like The Seventh Son, Hawkins and the critically acclaimed Murder Castle, based on true life serial killer H.H. Holmes.  He also brought Indiana Jones to HTG in the successful... 


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