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Sci-Fi Film to Get Graphic Novel Adaptation

Graphic novels based on movies, or vice versa, have become common in the entertainment world. HTG Hollywood is seeing its newest science fiction film, Saving the President, gain a graphic novel addition. In fact, rumors are that a series of graphic novels based on some of the characters will be coming. In the film, two agents for the British MI6 intelligence agency are assigned to go back to 1963... 


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It’s a Sunny Day For All

It's a Sunny Day For All
It seems that Kermit the Frog is worthy of two franchises, not just one. The ownership or lease of a franchise is necessary in HTG Hollywood in order to publish work on that property. Recently, newcomer JonesofFlorida asked about the price of Sesame Street, the beloved program catering to children for decades. The price given was 200 million dollars. (That would give a buzz bonus of +2 to the vote... 


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Actress Gains TS Thanks to Monkey-Led Romp

Actress Gains TS Thanks to Monkey-Led Romp
After a long career in HTG Hollywood, fanboy delight Natalie Portman has finally surpassed the 10 barrier for her Talent Score. Thanks to the success of Baseball Mogul’s comedy S***ball 2, the actress now has a TS of 11.000. “It’s a great feeling” the star stated during a recent meet and greet. “Maybe now I can buy a decent pair of shoes or something. My thanks go out... 


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Top Tips for Hollywood: The Game

So you want to make it big in Hollywood? Well you’re certainly not the only one. It’s certainly a competitive place to be, but here are a few top tips for making it within the world of Hollywood. Firstly, you will have needed to decide exactly what you want to do within Hollywood. You can choose more than one role, but this can sometimes be more difficult if you’re just starting out.... 


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Soundtrack: Crimson Eyes

Soundtrack: Crimson Eyes
Lake Hope Features has released their soundtrack for Crimson Eyes to me, Carson Daily, exclusively. Check it out below! Crimson Eyes Soundtrack “Far From Over” by Rev Theory “Burning Years” by Story Of The Year “Wake” by Linkin Park “That Was Just Your Life” by Metallica “The War Is Over” by Trust Company “Killswitch Engage”... 


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