That’s what Judge Reinhold had to say when we asked him about his role in Ship of Fooles’ new film Seeker.

“I’ve been hanging around that courthouse for what seems like five years or more, willing to work for free. And it took this long to get hired? That’s crazy.”

Regardless of the wait, Reinhold voices the personification of Blizzard, one of many natural or conceptual beings which appear in the film.

“Lucian told me he picked me due to my work on Seinfeld. My infamous ‘close talker’ role,” confided Reinhold. “I am not entirely sure what that has to do with a blizzard but I’ll take the job.”

Some producers do not realize there are numerous special deals scattered around the city map, though many are not updated when used and changes are rarely made overall. Whether it be a hidden crypt or sign, or the more obvious deals at Malibu airport and the train station in the valley, there are some nice deals out there. It remains to be seen if Reinhold will be replaced at the courthouse or will continue to work for free. The good news is: he will finally be in the htgmdb.

Seeker opened December 12th, watch it in theaters now!

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Drejr29 Productions is releasing The House That Built Me with Flip Brothers Studios. The film is directed by Richard Linklater (Chains of Youth) and starting Paul James (HTG Debut) as Patrick, Gabourey Sidibe (And Up Your A** as Well, While you were out) as his sister Anita, Octavia Spencer (South Dakota) as their mother Sheila, and Josh Hutcherson (Bitter Honey and Other Sweet Things) as the newcomer Chris.


The story is about Patrick, who has taken a year off after graduating high school to figure out what he wants to do with his life while trying to survive the suffocating nature of the small town that he lives in. His mother, Sheila, tells him that his estranged sister, Anita, is coming home to introduce the family to her new boyfriend. Patrick and Anita must attempt to repair their tumultuous relationship while trying to figure out who they are and what they want.


The film was shot in several locations in the small town of Fair Haven, New Jersey.


The film is set in present day. I started writing it in May and have worked on it off and on until i finished it in September.


I’ve had the idea about a film centering around a sibling relationship for a while. Also, after Hybrid:Phoenix Rising and Barton Hollow, I wanted to try and write something a lot simpler.


I had a good idea of who Patrick and Anita were and I kind of built the story around those two instead of the original outline I had drafted for the film. I spent a lot of time going from draft to draft and tweaking conversations and trying to keep the story contained to this small town which was a challenge

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One of the most lucrative things HG Hollywood residents can do is review movies. Just in time for the holidays, Bluegrass Productions has revealed new review bonuses on a few of their recent movies. All in you could make as much as 120 million dollars for just 3 reviews.

Here is the breakdown of bonuses:

Adam Horror

  • First Review: $70 million
  • Second Review: $50 million

Death by Debt

  • Next 2 reviews: $25 million


  • First 3 reviews: $25 million

The bonuses will be available until December 25th, so you have time to read the flicks and write down your feedback. The movie’s producer, Brianc2008, checks out and reviews a lot of HTG movies. Even without the bonus it’d be great to repay the favor, but with this bonus? You really have no excuse not to check out these movies and review them!

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Despite being well established as a TV police commission, Tom Selleck is set to leave the HTG Police Force.

“I’m sad to go, but getting a chance to work with Lucian Carter again is too good to pass up.” the actor was quoted as saying.

Selleck had the lead role in Lucian’s film Bargain and now joins the cast of Seeker, a cartoon for adults set to release December 12. Adam Beach and pro-wrestler HHH join Selleck in the film, which follows a man on a spiritual quest who encounters embodiements of many concepts.

“I’ll be playing the Sun,” revealed Selleck. “Lucian told me he thought my voice had the perfect sound for the role. It’s a bit daunting to play something totally inhuman, but I think it worked out well.”

Seeker will be the fifth film from the new Possum Lodge Studios. So far, it has only released films by it’s owner, Lucian.

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We talked to producer and Horizon Pictures studio head Brianc2008 about his new movie, Death By Debt.

Alex Gibney is directing the movie. It stars Kevin Spacey as the Narrator, Hilary Swank as a GAO Auditor and Ty Burrell as an economics professor. Due to Spacey’s work on House of Cards, he made an excellent choice as narrator.

The story is about our growing federal debt and what happens if we cannot pay back what we owe. Let’s just say the consequences will not only affect America, but the global economy as well.

It takes place partly in Washington DC and partly in a soundstage where Spacey interviewed Swank and Burrell. For some scenes, we had to shoot in and around Washington DC.

It was made in August 2014. It’s set in present day.

I was intrigued by the idea of doing a documentary. And was very concerned about the 17.7 trillion dollar federal debt. So combining the two ideas made for an interesting, different challenge. As a GAO Auditor, Swank had to look at where the US spent all their expenses and earned all their income to give us insight into the federal budget. As a professor, Burrell explains the economic portions such as why the US government can make money while we, as citizens, cannot and the history of the federal debt (let’s just say that there’s some historical context for that).

It came together for three reasons. One, Horizon Pictures needed a new release which hasn’t happened in over a month. Two, I wanted to do a film that had only a handful of characters. And three, I wanted to work with Kevin Spacey. Being able to add Yoda Winner Hilary Swank was a nice bonus.

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