Hi there, this is Mad Reporter. I am reporting from Mad Dog Productions where today I had a chance to interview producer Mad Dog about news that a sequel to last year’s Man With The Animal Powers has been put into development.

TIMES: Thanks for taking time out to take this interview.

MAD DOG: No problem.

TIMES: So is it true that there is a sequel in the works?

MAD DOG: Yes, we are developing a sequel titled Animal Man.

TIMES: Is the original cast coming back?

MAD DOG:  As of right now only Chris and Lucy are signed up for the film.

TIMES: Will there be a new villain?

MAD DOG: Yes, we are introducing a new villain for Buddy to face. It will be a very action packed film.

TIMES: Some audience response indicated that Ellen’s character was very weak in the first film, will she be needed in the sequel?

MAD DOG: For sure. Ellen will influence Buddy to become the hero he needs to be. She will be a big part of it.

Well there you have it, Animal Man is in development at Mad Dog Productions and has a planned release sometime this summer.

Oscar Isaac will be making his debut in HTG with the arthouse drama Moving from director Ryan Fleck (Metal Hearts) and Horizon Pictures. The new film is being written by EricM and produced by Frontline Films, the production team behind the Diplomat’s Son.

In the new film, Isaac will be joined by Woody Harrelson, Stacy Keach, and Linda Cardellini. He portrays a man who works at a moving company and has a very eventful day while trying to watch his daughter.

EricM took some time from his busy schedule to talk to us. “Well to be quite honest,” he began, “the project originally derived from my experience working at a moving company and the characters and people I met during that endeavor. The actual story came out very organically out of my own want to portray the types of people I was interacting with and their own everyday life experiences.” The HTG Award nominee continued, letting us in on why he pushed the studio to cast Oscar Isaac in his first HTG role, “Oscar Isaac is a fantastic actor who just seemed to embody the kind of lived-in reality that I felt the film needed in it’s lead performance. He has a real naturalism that doesn’t seem either derived or rehearsed.”

Horizon co-studio head Brianc told us by phone that “the shoot is going fine and I love being able to work again with EricM.” Brianc oversaw the production of Diplomat’s Son for Horizon. The which movie was just nominated for seven HTG Awards including Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay. On the cast, Brianc continued, “I appreciate being able to work with talented people like Oscar Isaac, Woody Harrelson, Stacy Keach, and Linda Cardellini.”

Moving his theaters on Friday March 28th, 2014.

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What do you get when you combine the efforts of Miracle Pictures, Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks, Keanu Reeves, and the legendary Abe Vigoda? Apparently, Poop. Or Poop: The Third Strike to be more precise. And just as varied as the casting choices, the musical choices behind the soundtrack for the crime flick raise an eyebrow. I think I’ll be on line for this tonight at the HTG Theater, then I might have to head over to the Mall of Hollywood to pick up this new soundtrack…


    1. Can’t Get It Out of My Head by ELO
    2. Eye of the Tiger by Survivor
    3. Do You Believe in Magic? by The Loving Spoonful
    4. He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother by The Hollies
    5. Starsky and Hutch Theme Song
    6. Ballroom Blitz by Sweet
    7. Bad Moon Rising by CCR
    8. Oops! I Did It Again! by Britney Spears

      Poop: The Third Strike hit HTG Theaters worldwide today, Friday March 14th, 2014.

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      Flip TV and Decepticon Liberation Front gave us a rare set visit to watch the making of the “Utah Carol” episode of their hit series Marty Robbins’ Gunfighter Ballads and Trail Songs. The location was a cattle ranch on location in Wyoming. An actual ranch that is up for sale. Maybe the extra Hollywood hype helped sell it. We were able to sit down and talk to the series dirrector, Walter Hill, who also directed the western movie Saddle Tramp.

      TIMES: Walter, what is it like working on a Western anthology?

      HILL: It’s wonderful. I’ve always loved westerns, but there’s not many opportunities to bring them to the big screen nowadays. Working on an anthology series is like getting to make a bunch of little Westerns.

      TIMES: Have their been any stand out episodes or moments from the series?

      HILL: I’ve enjoyed working on all the episodes, it’s hard to pick any particular one. I was pretty ecstatic about the great reception we got taking Saddle Tramp from the TV show to theaters. Big money at the box office and strong critical response for a Western without any shootouts – what more could you ask for?

      TIMES: Who is guest starring in the episode you are currently shooting? What can you tell us about the piece?

      HILL: Well, it will be on screens before this interview is posted. The episode is based on the song “Utah Carol”, with Kevin Durand as Utah and Isabelle Allen as his little friend Lenore. I’m not going to give too much away, but it’s about a cowboy who’s willing to do anything for a friend. Watch it now, on demand from Flip TV. And review it! Ha.

      TIMES: What does the future of Marty Robbins’ Gunfighter Ballads and Trail Songs hold? How much longer do you see the series going?

      HILL: The end is in sight, we’ve got three episodes left. They will all air next season on Flip TV. It has been a great run, but all good things have to come to an end. I’m going to need a new job soon; looking for a director?

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      Our friends at the Flip TV television adaptation of The Hollywood Times had the pleasure of sitting down to interview Ed Harris about his new franchise launching film Nova. Due to scheduling changes with when the episode featuring this interview would air, the television show’s producers have granted us permission to post a transcript of the interview.

      TIMES: Ed Harris, can you tell us about Nova, what is the plot about?

      ED HARRIS: This is a very exciting project. Jake Gylenhaal, who has been fantastic to work with, he plays a cancer-stricken shell of a man with no self-esteem or sense of bravery. However, when paranoid government agent Archer Thomas (Benedict Cumberbatch) is looking for a cancer patient to test an experimental drug on. Gylenhaal is eventually selected and the film takes you down the path of an unwilling superhero trying to escape back to his tragic past. In the background of all this we have the villains of the story, my character Ed Lucas and Jeremy Irons character Jonah Soloman. Soloman really is a fascinating character. He believes we should cull society so only the fit and strong remain. Him and his army of disciples will stop at nothing to achieve this goal.

      TIMES: Can you tell us about your character? What other actors do you interact with?

      ED HARRIS: I play Ed Lucas, a conniving politician married to the idea of being Lord-Minister of his district of the Western Crown. He doesn’t care about anything else and he doesn’t care about doing anyone any harm if they can be used as a political tool, including his family. I mostly interact with Courtney Cox, who is fantastic as my wife, Heather.

      TIMES: Will you be in future movies set in the Nova universe?

      ED HARRIS: I think so. I’ve discussed it with producer Scott Lyon, and there are so many more films coming up that there are chances for every character to develop in this universe. It’s a very exciting prospect.

      TIMES: Any stand out moments from the shoot?

      ED HARRIS Well, watching Rupert and Scott plan this universe was really remarkable. The things they have put In this movie that we wont understand now but will be huge once the series has finished are very detailed. They would obsess over every detail of this world and I love how we get to see through the eyes of the Western Crown citizen, watching the same sports and news broadcasts that they watch.

      TIMES: Anything the audience should know about Nova?

      ED HARRIS: Well, mainly that it’s set in such a unique universe. This is a land where America has an oppressive king and there are 13 colonies, it’s a telling of what this country could be If just a few things had been different. That’s what films all about, being transported to a new universe.

      Learn more about the film by following it’s official ad campaign on the HTG message board. The sci-fi movie comes out this Friday, February 7th, 2014 from Horizon Pictures.

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