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Father Matthews is an iconic character in the Ritchie Steven’s Downtown and Shadows universe. He is a vampire priest with a soul who helps to balance good and evil in a world of demons living among people. Like James Bond and Batman, he has been portrayed by a number of different actors in various movie and television projects. The newest actor to step into the role is Chris Pine, who will lead the aptly titled Father Matthews for Flip Brothers Studio.

The movie showcases the origin of the character and looks at who Jacob Matthews was as a human and how he turned into a vampire. The setting is the Salem witch trials of the 1690s and the hysteria of the time plays into Matthews’ beginnings.

Joining Pine in the horror drama is Mark Ruffalo as Father Kent, a mysterious priest who mentors Jacob Matthews and helps set him on his path. Also joining the cast is Emilia Clarke as Jacob’s wife.

The hope by the studio is that the movie will be the first in a series of movies featuring the character, “We’re looking to expand the world of Father Matthews, using the new cast as a clean slate to move forward with different stories. We’ll be jumping through time a bit, the Salem witch trials in this one, the old west in an upcoming film, and the roaring 20s after that. There is so much fun stuff to explore.” Father Matthews is slated to be released in March.

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Just days after renovations finished at the HTG Classic Theater, the town is busy preparing for the 21st HTG Awards (aka the Golden Yodas). Notices have gone out listing eligible movies, producers, and breakdowns of the movies telling if they were original or adapted, who directed them, and more. Producers and studios are encouraged to promote their movies and spotlight talent they want to be showcased. Nomination voting will begin next week and last for 1 week, before final voting.

As part of the renovations at the HTG Classic Theater, all of the cement out front has been cleaned and the most recent hands belonging to PJFlip for his Best Producer win at the 20th HTG Awards have been dipped in the cement and dried. While checking out the hands of past Best Producers, don’t forget to stay for a classic HTG movie. New to the theater are Superman: The Man of Steel, Generations 2.5, and Durham Red. They join the original HTG Best Picture Shades of God, Blaze of Glory, Berlin, and many others.


There are lots of great movies to check out in the HTG Theaters. Here are a few you might want to check out.


DC Showcase: The Trinity Crisis
Producers RitchieSteven, KrisGreet, and PJ Flip teamed up to present an updated and revived version of the Flip Brothers DC Comics Universe. The movie features one of the largest casts in HTG history and the largest team up of various HTG movie and TV characters coming together in one movie. Heroes included in the movie are Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Flash, Wonder Woman, Batgirl, and many more.


Miranda Gardner
From Miracle Pictures Studio and the very busy producer unbb24 Productions comes a movie starring Sarah Paulson, Rob McElhenney, Timothee Chalamet, Jessica Lange, with Paul Reiser (shockingly) in his HTG debut. The movie itself is based on a real life interview the movie’s producer was a part of.


Virtual World Problems
I’ll be honest. I’d watch anything with The Rock.Virtual World Problems is also a fantasy flick directed by Peter Jackson and written/produced by HTG award winning Best Producer Lucian. What do you have to lose?

Hot off the box office success of Camera, Unbb24 Productions and the Flip Brothers Studio are teaming up for Muriel’s Granddaughter. The new film is a family drama about intergeneration relationships and how our family helps shape who we become.

The cast is lead by the late Carrie Fisher as Muriel and Maisie Williams as her Granddaughter. Nat Wolff rounds out the cast in a supporting role. Mike Mills directed the film, his first since 2008’s Different Order.

“I’m excited for this to be released,” Williams told us. “It was amazing learning from and working with Carrie Fisher. She was an amazing woman.” And Mills shared with us, “Maisie and Carrie just had a natural chemistry. They clicked and it shows on screen.”

The loss of Fisher was heartbreaking and caused the movie to finish up some shots using digital tools. “The performance is seamless.” Mills told us, “I’d be shocked if anyone could tell the handful of shots we had to add.”

Muriel’s Granddaughter comes out on Friday.

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The Flip Brothers Studio release Camera scored big in the box office taking home more than 90 million dollars in its opening week!

The drama, starring Grant Gustin, Sarah Hyland, Octavia Spencer, and Matt Lanter, hit theaters after a few weeks of no new movies and gave audiences a new flick to entertain them and fill the void of releases. Directed by Marc Webb, in his HTG debut, the drama had a touch of romance following a couple that had broken and are forced to come together for a new project that rekindles old feelings.

“There are no capes or explosions,” studio head RS told us. “This was not a big budget movie with a huge ad budget, but it was a drama by Unbb24. It was our first time working with the producer of Glee, Toy Story, and Simpsons movies, and we are glad we did. We’ll be teaming up again for Muriel’s Granddaughter in November.”

Unbb24’s next movie, as RS mentioned, is Muriel’s Granddaughter starring Maisie Williams, Nat Wolff, and the late Carrie Fisher. The family drama hits theaters on November 10, 2017.

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