We had the pleasure of welcoming the award winning movie and TV producer Krisgreet into the offices of The Hollywood Times. We sat down to chat about his recent release, BOJ: Beginnings. He shared his thoughts on the past of the original franchise along with where he sees it going in the future.

How does it feel to bring Badge of Justice from TV to theaters?

KG: It feels amazing, It feels like the completion of the first part of the franchise that started years ago on the now defunct CMC Network. It’s been a long road, it definitely took a lot longer because, of course, life got in the way but we finally did it and like I said it feels amazing. We still have a long way to go to get where I want to be with the franchise.

Can you tell us a little about BOJ: Beginnings?

KG: Well it was important for us to do this for a few reason, first we debuted way back in 2006. That’s almost ten years. The player base has changed, the audience has changed a lot since then. So we wanted to do something where we could close this chapter but also introduce the audience to the characters so we used the flashbacks to season 1 as a way to do that and you also get a sense of the character that is Jack Carter (played by Michael Biehn, pictured above), all his tragedies that have made him who he is. Those tragedies are something he had control of and could do something about after but in the first part of Beginnings he has no control whatsoever over this not so much a tragedy but an obstacle and that scares the hell out of him and makes him realize what is important to him.

Where does Badge of Justice go from here?

KG: Well obviously at the end of Beginnings, it no secret that we end up going back to LA. I am not going to to give too much away but storyline we have lined up is a good one which we see Carter taking control of his own team within the LAPD. I am also planning on expanding the universe with two new spin offs. Similar to Chicago Fire where they have done a PD and Medical. I have already introduced the Medical side of it in Beginnings. I will be adding the fire department maybe in the next film or the one after. We are also going to be revisiting the Las Vegas spin off with it’s own film and the character of Dylan showing up in LA at some point.

What else do you have in the works?

KG: Oh well that’s the million dollar question, I have a lot of ideas and scripts started but it’s getting the time to focus on them. At the moment I’m focused on Badge Of Justice and expanding the universe. I’m also plotting more DC films. So I certainly have my hands full.

BOJ: Beginnings from Flip Brothers Studio and KG Productions is currently playing in theaters!

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Wonder BoyThis Friday, Horizon Pictures is releasing the latest film from Best Producer nominee Brianc2008 and his Bluegrass Productions with the direction of Oliver Stone.

This is Stone’s first film after his very successful Reborn trilogy and retells the true story of a “teenager who threatened to derail Wall Street and the journalist and housewife that brought him down.”

Leading the cast is Josh Hutcherson (You Are Not Alone, X), Brendan Saxton (The Body Guard, Reunion), Anne Hathaway (The Slave, Hot Coco, Jack of All Trades), and Michael Shannon (The Visitor, Hannah Dead Island). Costarring in the movie are Ethan Embry (Horror City: Beginnings), Joel Edgerton (Voice of the Night), Madeline Zima (HTG’s Next Top Actress), Amy Smart (Camp Crystal Lake), Kerry Washington (Reunion), and Eli Roth (The Graveyard Shift).

The drama comes out worldwide tomorrow, March 27th, 2015. Learn the true story of a fraud.

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(In no particular order)

Title Studio Producer Foreign BO TOTAL BO
Moving Horizon Pictures Frontline Films $109,768,352 $244,680,050
Major Crimes 2 Flip Brothers Studio PJFlip Films
Miracle Pictures
Aurora Films
$400,654,819 $733,561,735
Heroes or Something Like It Flip Brothers Studio PJFlip Films $520,040,362 $911,528,263
Energy Run Horizon Pictures Bluegrass Productions $237,996,363 $479,194,089
Another Time to Die Hard $376,377,027 $685,714,265
Mountains: Andes Flip Brothers Studio Sitatunga Pictures $139,094,656 $302,312,458
TCW 83 Horizon Pictures Ship of Fooles Productions $70,523,702 $147,272,050
How to Survive Love Through Life and Death Catalyst Studios Alter Ethos $170,617,214 $325,669,938
AmyLand The Movie AmyLand Studios Baseball Mogul Productions $160,860,166 $370,357,369
Adam Horror Horizon Pictures Bluegrass Productions $58,547,803 $336,905,027
Succubus Miracle Pictures Mad Scientist Films $309,378,054 $535,607,185
It’s a Wild World: Part One A Crime Saga Flip Brothers Studio Frontline Films $205,111,207 $413,469,234
Miracle Max and the Coveted Pig Miracle Pictures Ship of Fooles Productions $304,176,416 $559,804,074
After Twenty Years Catalyst Studios Sitatunga Pictures $82,719,034 $184,165,280
The Visitor Horizon Pictures Alter Ethos $116,779,465 $246,219,644
Iron Chef: The Movie Miracle Pictures Jade Falcon Productions $226,606,531 $412,134,228
Dog Party AmyLand Studios Baseball Mogul Productions $150,573,485 $332,258,759
TCW 84 Horizon Pictures Ship of Fooles Productions $131,125,594 $259,571,907


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The soundtrack for The Ride has been released to music stores and online retailers everywhere. The film which features a fateful car trip between a college student named Charles Carr and musical legend Hank Williams features 9 tunes, mainly from the singer singing by himself. He is accompanied in two songs by first wife Audrey Sheppard and one song by his backing band The Drifting Cowboys.

Here are the list of songs as featured in the film:

1. Jambalaya (on the Bayou) by Hank Williams
2. WPA Blues by Big Bill Broonzy
3. I Don’t Care If Tomorrow Never Comes by Hank Williams and the Drifting Cowboys
4. Dear Brother by Hank Williams and Audrey Sheppard
5. You’re Gonna Change (or I’m Gonna Leave) by Hank Williams
6. Your Cheatin’ Heart by Hank Williams
7. Baby, We’re Really in Love by Hank Williams
8. I’ll Never Get Out of this World Alive by Hank Williams
9. I Saw the Light by Hank Williams

The Ride stars Eddie Redmayne (Different Order) as musical legend Hank Williams and Dylan O’Brien (jackthekiller.avi) as Charles Carr. The film also features Amanda Seyfried (Opium and Tea), Timothy Olyphant (A Son’s Revenge), Diane Lane, Richard Jenkins, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Dakota Fanning, John Goodman, Tom Hardy, Charlie Hunnam, and John Larroquette.

After being pushed back from its original date of December 5, The Ride opened on December 26 in HTG Theaters.

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That’s what Judge Reinhold had to say when we asked him about his role in Ship of Fooles’ new film Seeker.

“I’ve been hanging around that courthouse for what seems like five years or more, willing to work for free. And it took this long to get hired? That’s crazy.”

Regardless of the wait, Reinhold voices the personification of Blizzard, one of many natural or conceptual beings which appear in the film.

“Lucian told me he picked me due to my work on Seinfeld. My infamous ‘close talker’ role,” confided Reinhold. “I am not entirely sure what that has to do with a blizzard but I’ll take the job.”

Some producers do not realize there are numerous special deals scattered around the city map, though many are not updated when used and changes are rarely made overall. Whether it be a hidden crypt or sign, or the more obvious deals at Malibu airport and the train station in the valley, there are some nice deals out there. It remains to be seen if Reinhold will be replaced at the courthouse or will continue to work for free. The good news is: he will finally be in the htgmdb.

Seeker opened December 12th, watch it in theaters now!

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